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Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Unit

A proposal to set up Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Unit for needy communities to make them self-sustain and long term income generation for farming communities.

How we do

Our focus to reach the goal of each project where we serve.

Our Goal

A proposal to setup Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Unit, which is an innovative idea to make a community self-sustain and job creation.

Our Method

This project is not only producing commercial product but also involved man power, skill training and source of income generation.

Our Result

We proposed to setup the first unit in the state of Chattisgarh where our other medical & school project is already running.

What we do

Brief information of the ongoing projects and report


INDRODUCTION Tomato is one of most popular vegetables which is plentiful in Chhattisgarh during the cropping season. Apart from their use in food preparations, tomato products like sauces, ketchups etc are used as table enricher especially along with fast food items like pizzas, burger, puffs etc. This is made from tomato juice in which many other ingredients and preservatives are added to enhance its shelf life and taste. These products are consumed by people of all age groups and demand is going up.

MARKET POTENTIAL Tomatoes are available during the season at cheaper rates and prices start shooting up during off-season. But main reason for these products becoming popular is their extensive use as enrichers along with bread and other such preparations, in making some fast food items like pizza, burger etc. and as additives with many food preparations. Hence, these products are witnessing increase in demand year after year. They have already become popular in urban and semi-urban areas and are now making in-roads in rural markets as well. Thus, there is a good scope for these products especially in semi- urban and rural areas.


  • The production is based on a single shift basis of 8 hours per day and 25 working days in a month.

  • Land and building has been acquired monthly Rent of Rs 10000.

  • Rate of interest for fixed and working capital @ 15 % per annum.

IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE It will take one year to complete all the formalities before starting the commercial production.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE Ripe and matured tomatoes are washed and graded. The graded tomatoes are then boiled in steam kettles. The boiled tomatoes are then pulped and the juice is filtered out from seeds, fiber and solid waste. Spices and condiments like ginger, garlic, clove, pepper, salt, sugar, vinegar etc are added. Allowed preservatives are added to the sauce pulp. The sauce is quickly cooled and allowed to solidify into a thick pulpy sauce. The sauce is then packed in sterilized bottles and pouches, sealed and stored for sale. The recovery of juice varies depending on the quality and variety of tomato.

POLLUTION CONTROL This industry does not create any kind of pollution and as such there is no need to take any preventive measures for pollution control