Project we serve

Child Care Centers

Most of the construction workers, both men and women, are migrants from remote parts of India who’ve come to cities in search of work for themselves and their families. Their children are being cared in Child Care Centers, providing food and better education.

How we do

Our focus to reach the goal of each project where we serve.

Our Goal

We have 8 Child Care centres in India with 217 children are being taken care providing them nutritious foods, study material and schooling as well as shelter.

Our Method

Our goal is to start 10 more child care centers shaping the future of 500 more children.

Our Result

Our of 217 children 73 were girl and we want to improve this number because, mostly of the girls are being not sent for study in school.

What we do

Brief information of the ongoing projects and report

Shaping them young


Testimonies from the beneficiaries

Chid Care

Arika lost her father in her childhood
Arika Hebsibha

Chid Care

Vandana likes to sing songs & read stories
Vandana Malche - 7th Std.

Chid Care

Abhishek lost his mother and father was a drunker.
B. Abhisekh

Chid Care

Saikumar was begging money and food in the street
T. Saikumar - 5th Std.

Chid Care

Sandipbhai as suffering from skin pustules
Sandipbhai K.Chaure - 9th Std

Chid Care

Opportunity to build a brighter future
Ramprakash Kumar

Chid Care

Sunil Bhengra is reading well, singing songs and also participating in all the activities.
Sunil Bhengra

Chid Care

I love the environment and also I am happy to be here, learning many things.
Champi Lalitha

Chid Care

she was weak but she has written all the exams and she has Scored “A” grade

Chid Care

I have joined in child care centre on 2015 when I was 7years old, Now I am studying 7th Class.
Killi Sravani


Staying in hostel and Continuing his studies, he is Improving in Studies.
Mr. Lorence D Gamit

Chid Care

I am enjoying with other Children as well as Improving in my Studies.
Janish Kumar M Gamit