Project we serve

Feeding the Poor

Feeding the Poor has filled thousands of empty stomach of Children and adults providing them nutrious food and suppliments.

How we do

Our focus to reach the goal of each project where we serve.

Our Goal

A nutritious meal should be every one’s right. Due to poverty many are homeless as well as no proper food to eat.

Our Method

Our goal is to reach the areas and provide food to them which includes, vegetables , fruit or proteins and nutritious contain food.

Our Result

We have reached 45 schools & communities to run the feed the poor program and fed 432,345 people last year.

What we do

Brief information of the ongoing projects and report


Total Members Participated in Fellowship Lunch APRIL 2019 - MARCH 2020 13,180


Testimonies from the beneficiaries

Feed the Poor

Neelam don't have anything to eat.
Mrs. Neelam Kumari