Project we serve

Blanket Distribution

Many parts of the country experience extreme cold during winters which makes it difficult for poor children and elderly to survive. We provide warm blankets that work as shield to the less privileged from the winter.

How we do

Our focus to reach the goal of each project where we serve.

Our Goal

Hundreds of warm blankets are being distributed in our Child Care Project as well as the needly community in part of Ranchi, Jharkhand and New Delhi.

Our Method

Northen states get hit by extreme cold during winter seasons.

Our Result

Our target is the reach the north-eastern region to supply more warm blankets in this coming winter where people suffered the most.

What we do

Brief information of the ongoing projects and report

In the month of February 2020 with the help of CASA (Church's Auxiliary for Social Action) we have distributed blankets to the children at Nawatoli Child Care Center, Ranchi, Jharkhand and for the slum Children living at Madanpur Khader, Jasola, New Delhi.